Here is a bit about the author and the blog. 

I am a writer of narrative nonfiction specializing in memoir, essays, humor, and commentary. My writing is influenced by growing-up years as a Tennessee farm boy and, while unimaginable in my youth, the path my life has taken in the decades since. I live in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona. 

My new book is Meanderings and Mullings, published in October 2017. This book and my tragicomic life story, Cold Turkey at Nine: The Memoir of a Problem Child, are available through your favorite local retail bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Nobleand other leading booksellers in paperback, hardcover, and e-book formats.  I hope you will get a copy of one or both of these books and tell your family and friends about them!


Meanderings and Mullings overlaying Cold Turkey at Nine-2

Meanderings and Mullings overlaying Cold Turkey at Nine.


CTAN BookPeople Table copy

Cold Turkey at Nine on the BookPeople bestsellers table, between Larry McMurtry and God, Austin, Texas.


My academic career was at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ohio State University, and the University of Georgia. A little more detail may be viewed here. I retired from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as professor emeritus and former department head. 

My blog is intended to entertain, inform, and maybe inspire a dialog now and then. Since its inception in April 2011, about 175 posts are published here so far. 
Since beginning Meanderings and Mullings in early 2014, I have posted new stories on this blog less frequently. Previous posts will be revised as needed to keep them in tune with new developments. I will continue to post them on social media sites such as my Facebook author page, Twitter, and Google+
I’m grateful to the thousands who follow this blog and to those who post comments on my stories. I am deeply indebted to readers. 
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More to come!