This post may go down as the weirdest author announcement of a new book ever! Related to that, why, you may ask, am I posting this announcement now over a month after its publication? 

What is not so weird is that my new book, Meanderings and Mullings, is made up almost entirely of some 140 previous short blog posts that I wrote from 2011 to 2017. Those writings span a wide range of topics that are part memoir, part essays, part humor, part travelogue, and part opinion. The stories come now with numerous updates—plus a complete reorganization to provide needed structure. 

Meanderings and Mullings pictured over Cold Turkey at Nine: The Memoir of a Problem Child (2013).

Over a year ago I began planning for the release of Meanderings and Mullings in October 2017. Amazon’s website says the publication date was October 30, 2017, and they show the availability of paperback, hardcover, and, just released, Kindle formats. You may also order the book through your favorite local book retailer, Barnes & Noble, Apple ibooks, Kobo e-books, and other sources. The major e-book versions are also available now.

You ask, Why are you telling me all this? Well, I told those of you who asked months ago that I planned to have my new book out by October 2017. Thanks to Amazon’s date stamp of sorts, I did what I said I would do. It’s important to me that you know that! 

Here’s what Kirkus Reviews says about Meanderings and Mullings:

“Russell returns to his childhood on a Tennessee farm, but this time he fondly recollects activities ranging from mule skinning and tobacco harvesting to corncob fights . . . The author also exhibits an engaging sense of the absurd. Russell’s affable nature and evident wonderment at the world around him ultimately win the day.” 

Life’s events—birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, holidays—may have some of you planning to shop for gifts. So here’s your chance to buy Meanderings and Mullings out of the blue for your friends and family who are book lovers, including yourself, for special occasions or not!

Finally, here’s more buyer info from the book’s official overview:

Meanderings and Musings is a collection of true stories, short essays, humor, travelogues, and ruminations that entertain, inspire, and stir thought. Russell has a voice that is easy to hear as he takes you back to his animated childhood in the rural South. As he moves through adulthood, there are intriguing takes on academe where he spent his career, poignant observations, and delightful surprises. An intrepid traveler, Russell describes his trips in unusual ways and with characters who come to life. His deliberations engage and challenge. This book is worth taking time to read, savor, and revisit. How could you ask for more?

Russell’s first book, Cold Turkey at Nine: The Memoir of a Problem Child, tells of a life forever changed by his paranoid schizophrenic mother’s death at his father’s hands. In that book and in this one, which Kirkus Reviews notes “is made of more cheerful stuff,” Russell writes with unusual empathy for the struggles of others he comes to know. With curiosity, humor, and insight in this his second book of nonfiction, you will come to know an earlier America now unknown to most, and a world that gets smaller and more precious as we experience it.

May I ask a small favor from you? When you read this new book, I’d really appreciate it if you would be willing—there’s absolutely no obligation hereto write a brief review of it on the Amazon website. That’s where most book reviews get posted and it’s one way you can help expose more readers to Meanderings and Mullings

I will update this post from time to time, as needed. Thanks for your interest, as evidenced by your reading this far! Tee-hee, since WordPress won’t allow me to use smiley faces or other emoticons.