Long mulling led me slowly to today’s musing. Just writing that sentence caused a little chill to go up my spine because of a rising giddy feeling. This seems right.

Today begins a change of pace in publishing my blog posts. Since April 2011, I have posted a new story, short essay, commentary, or bit of humor mostly on Fridays. There are about 175 of them. Readership around the globe over the past year has risen steadily, a highly rewarding thing.

Gustave Flaubert discovered in the 1880s what I discovered in recent years. (Source.)

Flaubert discovered in the 1880s what I discovered in recent years. (Source.)

A few months ago I started my second book. It will be another book of nonfiction, but it’s too early to classify what type. Over the coming months I will devote more time to completing the manuscript and finding a publisher. Some of what many of you have read in my blog over the last two years will become part of the second book.

This blog was also instrumental in completing my first book, Cold Turkey at Nine: The Memoir of a Problem Child. It continues to gain readers far beyond what I had reasonably imagined when published last year. Reader feedback has been most gratifying. My publisher chose it for special exhibition at the Frankfurt Book Fair, October 8-12, 2014, in Germany. This is the largest publishing industry event in the world, so my memoir’s selection for it is highly gratifying as well. 

I may publish new blog posts when a special urge bubbles up, but my main priority will be on the second book. Further, I will continue to tweak previous posts to keep them relevant and in tune with new developments, as well as continue to respond to comments posted about them. They will remain dynamic, not static. Most importantly, I hope they will continue to interest and benefit others in some way. 

In addition, I will repost previous posts, often revised ones, on various social media sites. Some have been popular enough to warrant getting them out to new followers, and some are often read more than once by regular readers. It’s unclear to me whether these re-readings are because the posts are good, confusing, dumbfounding, or what.  🙂 

So stay tuned!

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