A craving has been nagging at me for months. Back in February on an early spring-like day, Ellen and I went for a dessert at a nearby restaurant, Waterloo Ice House, after we had lunch at home. We did not even think of this idea before lunch, but it somehow grew on us toward the end of the meal as the day continued to warm to unusually high temperatures compared to the unusually cold winter we were having.

            I should note that neither of us could remember going out for dessert after having a meal at home. We probably have done that in the past, but something was so unusual about this time. Maybe it was a sudden spring fever that somehow triggered the idea.

            So we in the spur of the moment went to our favorite nearby restaurant and looked over the list of desserts. Chocolate desserts usually take precedence over other options, and this day was no different. We ordered the Mile High Mousse Cake, with chocolate mousse inside and drizzled with caramel and chocolate. It was probably five inches high, making an impressive sight. We ordered one slice and two forks.

            Since that day I have been pondering writing a blog post about that memorable dessert. This one stood out, I suppose, because of the circumstances that led to us eating it that day.

            In the excitement of the moment, we had eaten nearly all of that fine dessert before it occurred to me that I should have taken a picture of it. By then, it would not have made a very nice photo.

            Ever since that happy February day, something about the overall story has been eating at me to write about that dessert. This gnawing feeling hit me yesterday and with greater force today as I looked over my list of possible blog posts.

            Here at the beginning of May, I began to write this blog post. As I write, I’m craving another slice of Mile High Mousse Cake. So I mentioned to Ellen that I felt a strong need to have another slice of this cake after lunch today. She, being particularly perceptive, said, “Let’s go there for lunch and have that for dessert!” This is a small example of the many reasons I love her so much.

            Now, just back from lunch, I am finishing this story. We shared a meal so we would be sure to have room for dessert. Before we ordered, I read the description of Mile High Mousse Cake, as follows:

“A pyramid of rich chocolate cream with nuts, chocolate chips, turtle cheesecake and chocolate curls with a caramel center.”



Mile High Mousse Cake, today served on its side, a mile wide. (Source.)

Mile High Mousse Cake, today served on its side, a mile wide. (Source.)


            This time the slice was served on its side, rather than upright as it was in February, leading me to suggest to our waitress that it be re-named Mile Wide Mousse Cake. She shrugged, smiled, and sort of agreed, but she did not rush off to tell the chef. Sometimes it’s hard for wait staff to know when to relay customer comments and when to forget them. Mine may have fallen into the latter category.

            Anyway, after a good lunch and an outstanding dessert, that months-long craving has been satisfied. Now that I’ve written about it, I wonder if it will come up again in a few months. Was it the cake or the strange need to write about it that was the real craving?

            If that particular craving returns, then the cake was the reason. If it does not, then it may have been the need to write about it for posterity that I craved. Time will tell.

            If any of you are reminded of a particular craving from reading this, I trust you will find it immensely satisfying if you act on it. Mine was today. 

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