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NORMANDY, FRANCE: June 6, 1944 is the day that probably made Normandy so famous around the world. Normandy’s beaches are where the American, British, and Canadian troops landed on that day for their long-awaited D-Day allied invasion – Operation Overload during WWII. Normandy is not a city, rather a big region in northern-eastern France.

Driving in Normandy...a very scenic region of France
Driving in Normandy…a very scenic region of France

TIME of TRAVEL:We went to Normandy during the 4th of July weekend in 2013. It was close to 80 degrees Fahrenheit those few days we stayed there. It can be a bit chilly at night but pleasant during the day.

OUR HOTEL: Our hotel in Normandy was in a small town of Bayeux, called Novotel Hotel Bayeux. It was very close to Bayeux city center, its famous cathedral, and WWII memorials and museums. We had free Wi-Fi in the room but no free breakfast. They…

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