My previous post, “China Musings–Dazzled and Bedeviled,” attracted a lot of interest. I had mentioned our Yangtze River cruise and China’s huge Three Gorges Dam Project that displaced people and flooded land on an exceptionally large scale.

This follow-up post is to call your attention to a related film, Up the Yangtze.” The film is a 2007 release about the Yu family. The parents are poor and in the process of being displaced by the rising river. Their daughter has no real choice but to take a job on a cruise ship–coincidentally owned by the same company that we cruised with on our recent trip. She is caught up in a bewildering microcosm of a “new” China that is completely foreign to her.

The film gives a candid account of the effects of the project on local people. We recommend it highly. We gave it a 4-star rating.

Naturally, the people most directly affected by such projects see them differently than those who are not so directly affected. Or, more bluntly, whose ox is really being gored here? Should I feel guilty for enjoying a cruise over that flooded land? I wondered about that on the boat. The film made me think about these issues some more.

Thanks so much for the interest that so many of you showed in my previous post on China.